You know you need a Public Relations Plan to get your products and services in front of the people who need them. But how do you start?


First, you must know your audience; and the whole world is not your target market.


Shot gun tactics that pepper everyone dilutes your message, because it focuses on everyone, so no one sees themselves needing your products or services. Or worse, you look like everyone else who’s offering the same thing.


You need to identify your target market and uncover the attributes and characteristics of your Ideal Clients.  Your ideal clients dictate everything in your Public Relations plan . . . your specific goals and objectives and the strategies and tactics you choose.


Next, you must understand what problem(s) you are going to solve for your ideal clients.


What are the issues or concerns that frustrate them?


What keeps them up at night?


What's not working for them or could work better?


When you are clear as to what problems you will solve, you can then create a Public Relations Plan that includes tactics and strategies that capitalize on these problems.


If you don't effectively communicate that you know your ideal clients’ specific problems, they won't take notice of your communications, won’t understand the benefits of working with you, and of course, won't buy your services or products.


Once you understand their problems, articulate the benefits of your products and services, and share your meaningful, efficient solutions.


What solutions can you provide to alleviate your ideal clients’ problems?


What will they experience from working with you or buying your product?


What are all the ways that your product or service helps your ideal clients?


What are the actual results they can expect when hiring you?


What is your guarantee?


Your Public Relations messages must also answer "What's in it for me?" for your ideal clients.


When you know the exact solutions and benefits your business offers, you can clearly communicate and demonstrate the value of your service and products, and what people will gain doing business with you.


So, to recap —- Once you have:
!   Identified your Ideal Clients’ characteristics;
!   Uncovered their most distressing problems; and
!   Articulated the benefits of your solutions,


You are ready to outline the tactics and strategies that will best get you and your message in the right venues so they are seen by the right people.



Make an IMPACT!

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