The popularity of Social Media has led to the appearance of social media consultants who help businesses to connect with their target audience. They combine skills from both worlds – online marketing and social media which they use to advise clients about the best ways of using this technology for their business.


Navigating the social media jungle There are numerous social media platforms and new ones are being developed all the time. The big names ones such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are accessed by millions of people around the world and if used correctly, can be very beneficial for a business.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of these tools. Which one is the best for your business? How do you measure the results? Why do you need to use social media? Confusing isn't it but one solution is to engage the services of a social media consultant.


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Why you should use a SM consultant… social media networking can cost very little money – but to do it correctly to get business and not just generate postings (that no one who will buy your products and services will read).


As with any business it is important to have a plan and social media is no different.  A consultant will discuss a social media strategy, taking into account your business goals and needs.  They will set up the various accounts, monitor these and advise you about social media policy and privacy.


They can also run training courses for your employees so that they not only understand how social media works but know how to use and why. What is also important is that employees are aware of what is acceptable and what isn't as anything they say via social media may reflect on the business.


 The consultant will set objectives and will review these on an agreed basis. The aim is to see if the strategy has been a success and has helped to promote your business as well as increasing conversion rates.


The benefits of using a social media consultant social media is constantly changing with new platforms appearing all the time. This means a full time job trying to keep up to date with these developments which many businesses don't have the time or resources to do. Plus a lack of knowledge and in some cases, scepticism about this technology means that some businesses adopt a 'hit it and hope' approach.


 A strategy is crucial for obtaining maximum results from social media. There is no benefit to be gained from constantly trying to hard sell on Twitter or failing to realize the advantages of using LinkedIn when trying to recruit new staff.


A social media consultant has the knowledge, experience and time to help your business make best use of social media in order to broaden its appeal and attract new customers.





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