Attraction marketing is all about “relationship building”, not selling.


Instead of “chasing” prospects or bombarding them with information on the “features” of your products and services, you craft a campaign to position yourself as an expert by providing valuable free information and being a solutions problem solver and provider


Attraction marketing is selling yourself not your product or service. In your “conversations”, you should not even talk about your product, service, opportunity, etc. until you have built a relationship and trust with your prospect or visitor.


With Attraction Marketing tactics, your customers and clients will COME to you – you do not ever have to “chase” them.


To incorporate attraction-marketing techniques, you have to put yourself in a different mindset and market yourself as a person rather than a business. Talk to your audience rather than at them. Talk to them as if you were friends and not strangers.


What do you “talk to them” about?


Consider what information or knowledge do you have that will ease a pain, solve a problem, give information and solutions, and ways of simplifying their lives.


What are they looking for? Answers, information, solutions, ways of simplifying their lives, etc. When your attraction marketing technique shows up on Google, your targeted visitor (looking for what you have to offer) will “find” you, and click on your internet real estate.   Once they “click”, they are coming to you asking you for more information and giving you permission to talk to them.


On-Line Attraction Marketing Techniques

Social networking sites are THE places to chat and socialize and are ideal places to use attraction marketing techniques. Used correctly, they will improve traffic to your website (store) and they will help to find your target audience.



Tweet short bursts of useful information with the URL so your audience can click and read when it captures their attention.  Since most people see tweets on a mobile device, retweet the same message several times a day to get the most Twitter Real Estate and increase the number of tweeters who will see your tweet.



Ranks #3 worldwide for all websites!  You have no choice but to talk to them with YouTube. Setting up an account is easy. Then all you need is a video camera, tripod or a friend, and start filming. Videos of 2-5 minutes are best!  Be sure you are talking about your keyword for the video and address the pain that you may be able to solve. Talk slowly and clearly.. and SMILE.  Be a solutions provider.


They don’t have to look “professional”.. people want to SEE and HEAR you… be yourself, but remember, the World is watching.  My Mother always told me never do anything you didn’t want on the 11:00 news or on the front page of the NYTimes…. Still good advice.


Article directories.

Google and Yahoo love articles and rank them high in the search engines as long as they are keyword focused content articles that talk about the topic.  The article cannot include affiliate links within the body text and the article must be original content. (Try  Your ezine articles will be reviewed by a real person before going live to be sure that you have not violated the guidelines.


Give away free information, tips to make someone’s life easier, how to make something, etc. Dodn’t forget to add a URL to send your readers to your opportunity, website, blog, etc. Always list keywords. Your first sentence should have your main keyword within the first 90 characters of the text. Then have your main keyword sprinkled about the page along with your other keywords. Your main keyword should appear more often but not too much or the search engines will think your trying to spam them.


Another key point about article directories is your articles are available for other webmasters to use on their websites, blogs, newsletters, and ezines. The rule is they can not change the resource box information. So the better the article, the more exposure your article gets and the more targeted traffic you receive to your website or opportunity.



Join in the discussion groups. Add links to your site or opportunity in your profile



Search engines love blogs because they are full of new content.  When those search engine spiders visit your blog they eat up the fresh content and report it back to the “mother ship”.


Authors love blogs because, well; the search engine spiders visit often because of the new content and rank them well. As long as your blog is created well focusing on keywords and keyword phrases related to your content your blog will rank highly.


Blogs give you the ability to post product reviews, announcements, articles (preferably your own), newsletters, and links to other sites or other pages within your blog. Due to the popularity of blogs it is a natural way to attract targeted visitors who are more apt to read your blog as opposed to sending the same information by means of e-mail marketing.



Revamp your blogs and articles and send them out in email newsletters. . . a worthwhile marketing strategy.  But remember to use the attraction marketing techniques, not sell techniques.  The only problem with newsletters is that they are one-way channels – you are providing information, but not allowing for conversation.


Still, don’t underestimate the power of e-mail marketing in your attraction marketing strategy. The money is in the list. Use your list to invite your audience to “talk” with you in other venues.








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