Social networking sites are the perfect medium to neutralize any negative vibes that may be out there, or could be out there in the future regarding you or your company. 


Social media is a personal two/multiple channel that can be used to spread your message.


Creating a presence on social media networks won’t stop negative conversation from happening, but will enable businesses to make real-time conversation a two-way street.  


These conversations give you the opportunity to get your message and story out there and to quickly address any negatives.  You will gain much more respect with a quick, decisive professional action and response.


IMPACT! has a client who stated, “I never want to be on social networking sites. I don’t want to give people a forum to say negative things about me or my business.”


Quite understandably, many businesses are scared to hear the public say “bad stuff” about their company or be bombarded with complaints. This is simply not the reality.


Most people who interact with brands or companies online do so because they love them so much they actually want to be their friends and be associated with them.


Furthermore, if there actually are people saying “bad stuff” about you or your company, you KNOW it!  And if it’s true, maybe you shouldn’t be in business. . . or do something about it!


Keeping up with the positive and negative perceptions of your company and reacting quickly and professionally will immensely increase a company’s popularity and can actually convert the complainant to a loyal supporter just because of a well-placed, personal interaction.




Make an IMPACT!

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