Journalists are utilizing social media to stay on top of news, to get leads and to build relationships not only with public relations professionals, but also with the community. It also enables companies to see if the discussion, content, and approach they are using on the internet are resonating with their target audience.


With print media losing advertising revenue to print papers, reporters and editors are accepting less press/news releases.


In the old days (2008), pubic relations professionals, who had strong relationships with the media, could practically guarantee their stories would be printed. These releases now are posted on internet wires, websites and blogs with pictures, videos, and the ability for comments and interaction.


Social media has now changed the press release. “If a release doesn’t have a social element; a way for viewers to comment or share to their social networks; it doesn’t have legs.” Amanda Miller Littlejohn, founder of Mopwater Social PR


With an interactive internet, PR professionals have the ability to create custom landing pages or YouTube video specifically for the story/event announcement, and can now contact the press via Twitter, Facebook, text message, etc. with the link.


Today, 2010, press releases are getter shorter; link to more sources; are focused on simplification and explanation; and delivered in text, video, SMS, microblog and podcast form, to any choice of device.


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