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Surviving in business is not simply a matter of being good in business. You need to follow rules that will directly affect how you are perceived by associates. Reputation is your foundation, and it affects how well clients, as well as other business owners, trust you.   In order to give a good first (and lasting) […]

A social business engages the entire company, from CEO to executive assistant. Take advantage of the opportunity to foster your company’s internal community and teach valuable social media skills as the space rapidly grows and evolves.   But how do you get everyone on board?   Give Interactive Tutorials   
It’s hard to get people […]

Writing and submitting articles is an extremely powerful method for promoting your products, and services. Article/Blog marketing allows you to become known, build credibility, and establish a relationship with your target audience using the web and social media sites they are already visiting. There is no need to waste your time, effort or money marketing […]

The popularity of Social Media has led to the appearance of social media consultants who help businesses to connect with their target audience. They combine skills from both worlds – online marketing and social media which they use to advise clients about the best ways of using this technology for their business.   Navigating the […]

These are some of the most common myths that abound, and some possible responses to use when faced with them.   The Company’s Customers Do Not Use Social Media – This is a common myth, and one that continues to astonish a lot of social media marketing professionals. Companies do not use social media at […]

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 by Maria Ogneva   Brands try to inspire excitement among their communities so that their fans and supporters will do the selling for them . That’s called advocacy, and it’s much more powerful than self-promotion. There are of course many ways to cultivate that fan base and get your advocates motivated […]

    If your copy of your company's strategic plan doesn't have dog-eared pages and coffee stains by mid-year, you're not getting the most out of your plan.   The power of the plan is that it has the potential to engage people at every level of your organization in striving to meet company goals. […]

  Vision statements and mission statements are NOT one and the same.  Defining and creating clear vision, mission, and values statements will help maintain the focus and direction of your organization.   As time unfolds, it is critical to not only update these statements, but also communicate changes to your employees, so that everyone is […]

  Most business owners know they should prepare a strategic plan but seldom follow through because they are too busy working "in" their business (as opposed to “on” their business) or because they don't know how to prepare a strategic plan.   A strategic plan is a document that captures your thoughts, vision, and objectives […]

  A study sponsored by the Ford Foundation found that: * 23% of the population has no idea what they want from life; as a result, they don’t have much. * 67% of the population has a general idea of what they want, but they don’t have any plans for how to get it. * Only 10% of […]

    A social media policy can be a company's first line of defense to mitigate risk for both employer and employee.  You may already have a confidentiality agreement but it might not be enough.     Adding a few lines in the employee handbook to clarify that the confidentiality agreement covers employee interactions on […]

Day One of Workshop:  Session I.  Strategic Planning                                                                                            9:00 – 10:00 Conduct a SWOT Analysis:  Business Assessment Define goals, objectives, and audiences   Session II,  Policies & Procedures                                                                                     10:10 – 11:00 Develop SM policy guidelines/procedures   (Hands-on Workshop)   Session III.  Set up your FACEBOOK identity                                                                     11:00 – 1:00 Step by step tutorial on […]

By Alison Diana, InformationWeek February 17, 2011 Local businesses are turning to inexpensive social media to promote their products and services, but the few that have experimented with group discount offerings from online sites are unlikely to repeat the experience, a new report from MerchantCircle found.   In the past 12 months, there has been […]

  My Mother always told me that my reputation was like a mirror . . . it should reflect goodness, honesty, and integrity; and it only took one dumb action to crack it.  And you know what happens when you break a mirror – seven years bad luck.   Your reputation is  your most valuable […]

Turning prospects into customers can be a big challenge to many business owners.    Here are some simple secrets that will help you “turn prospects into clients”.   Attract the right prospect to your funnel It is very easy to think that everyone is a prospect but the reality is that not everyone is right […]

We all want ‘em (Ideal Clients) . . .  But how do you find them? First, you have to identify their characteristics.    Go through your current client list and make a list of the ones that you enjoyed working with most and those who loved you, your products, and services.    Also list those clients […]

IMPACT! creates individual, customized marketing and public relations plans for clients based on information and research gleaned from specific, probing questions answered in a focused interview.   We have found this upfront information gathering to be the best use of our clients’ time because our quick learning curve avoids costly mistakes due to misinformation or […]

What do you do when a “crisis” happens?    A “crisis” is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your company, and is often caused or followed by adverse or negative media attention.   A crisis can also occur when, in the eyes of the media or general public, your company did not […]

Social networking sites are the perfect medium to neutralize any negative vibes that may be out there, or could be out there in the future regarding you or your company.    Social media is a personal two/multiple channel that can be used to spread your message.   Creating a presence on social media networks won’t […]

The purpose of an office party is to have fun.  So enjoy yourself, but remember, it’s still an office party.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that your reputation as a skilled professional impresses your colleagues and bosses.   Clothing Counts   Even though it’s a party, remember that your […]

The way you present yourself at networking events, cocktail parties, and business lunches says a lot about you.  Personal public relations is extremely important in achieving the success you desire in your business life.    Here are some corporate etiquette tips that show that you are a polished professional:   The Business Lunch   !  […]

Networking . . . It’s about building relationships and enlarging your “sphere of influence.”   Networking events are great visibility venues where clients and prospects can “get to know you better.”    Let’s face it — we all want to work with people we know and like!    There are many professional organizations, service groups, […]

Networking events are great visibility venues where clients and prospects can “get to know you better.”    But what do you say when people ask you about your business?      Your 60–Second Commercial.   Your “60-Second Commercial” is a way of organizing your attributes — and the benefits of working with you — so that you […]

Face to face interaction is still one of the best ways to proactively prospectfor clients.    There are opportunities to network practically every day, for every time, and for every meal of the week!    How do you make the best of these events?   1.  Choose wisely Attend at least two networking events a […]

Even with the best marketing strategies and weekly staff meetings;   Don’t assume your customers or even your staff understand your company story.   Vision and mission statements are often meaningless to employees and customers. They can be viewed as just words, often too many and too obtuse, and without any context or meaning.   They […]