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Frustrated with the work ethic and skill level of job applicants?   IMPACT! your future workforce Sponsor a Career Workshop in a local high school.   IMPACT! Inc. created a 9-hour interactive workshop, complete with a 110+ page workbook, that brings the real world of work into the classroom.   In these award-winning Career Workshops, […]

An integral part of a company’s Public Relations Plan is a well-thought-out Contributions Policy.    Once a company is recognized in the community as a contributor to a non-profit organization, others will make requests for funds.  A highly visible company could be inundated with these requests for money — far exceeding their ability to support. […]

Total giving to charitable organizations was $295 billion in 2006. Although the majority of that giving came from individuals, $246 billion, corporations donated almost $13 billion to charity. Foundations made up the remaining $36 billion.   There are more than 11,000 501(c)3 charities in South Carolina. Of these, 3,297 have budgets over $25,000, and their […]

Board members of non-profit organizations have serious, legal responsibilities that fall into two categories:   1. Set Policy.    With a proper policy & procedures manual (read & understood by all board members), much of the detailed running of the organization will be covered and thus, eliminating snap decisions, frustrating board bickering, and conflicting agendas. […]

Building Trust from Referrals   A Small Business Administration survey found that over 60% of small business owners’ business comes from referrals.   This is not new news — ask anyone, and they will tell you that their best marketing tool is “word of mouth”.   A strategic, cost effective public relations strategy is “WOM […]

You know you need a Public Relations Plan to get your products and services in front of the people who need them. But how do you start?   First, you must know your audience; and the whole world is not your target market.   Shot gun tactics that pepper everyone dilutes your message, because it […]

The paradigm* has shifted. Business is not back to “as usual”. Change is EVERYWHERE!   Change presents opportunities for growth. Look for these opportunities in your PR/marketing audit of goals, objectives, tactics and results accomplished with your 2009 PR/marketing efforts.   Evaluate what worked;   Identify why it worked; and   Modify/improve each tactic.   […]