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Do you remember the last handwritten note you received?   Even more, do you remember the last handwritten note you sent?   With our technologically enhanced communications & email and voicemail, it is just so convenient to email people, or to leave one way voice messages for them, isn’t it?   I’d like to challenge […]

People buy Benefits, not Products   One of the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing materials is that they explain all the features of their products and services; and don’t spend enough time focusing on the benefits of those products and services.   People are emotional.  They buy because they want to know how […]

OK, you have a good looking, professional website that explains in great detail what you do and who you are. So, why aren’t people calling you and buying your products and/or services? Maybe because you haven’t developed a core marketing message . . .  the impelling words and strong call to action that will convince […]

Even with the best marketing strategies and weekly staff meetings;   Don’t assume your customers or even your staff understand your company story.   Vision and mission statements are often meaningless to employees and customers. They can be viewed as just words, often too many and too obtuse, and without any context or meaning.   They […]

    RESEARCH! Confirm basics through research before you spend valuable time on outreach  .   LISTEN! Identify your prospects and follow them socially to gather more contextual information. This intelligence-gathering matters tremendously to your eventual outreach outcomes.   Build your Social Media Team. Select: * A community manager: The person responsible for keeping your audience engaged and […]

Clear, concise and relevant content is King. And it’s not all about you!   Internet, visitors are seeking information. They want to be educated about your products / services, but most importantly, your site must tell them, and quickly, how THEY will benefit from working with you. Website visitors want to know whether you work […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Videos can emotionally trigger a person when static text simply cannot. People get bored reading the elaborated long paragraphs found in most marketing venues.   Much of your message gets lost in the massive content. People skim your e-mail or direct […]

Are you ready for TV?   There are interview opportunities on your local TV stations. Here in Charleston, South Carolina, the three prime time TV stations; CBS, NBC, and ABC, all have spots carved out of their regular day time news shows for “special interest” segments. ComCast, the local cable provider for Charleston, South Carolina, […]

Schedule Radio Interviews   Talk radio is one of the best ways to get your message to a large group of people at one time.   According to Talkers Magazine, the typical talk radio listener is, “diverse, educated, attentive, active and affluent.”   With specialty talk shows on health, lifestyles, business topics, professional services, and […]

Adverti$ing Media   TV and radio are entertainment mediums, and although people view way-too-much TV (IMO), and listen to the radio at home, work, and in the car — most people are doing everything they can to avoid commercials — i.e. — YOUR adverti$ing dollar$.   Since there are so many station choices, not to […]

“Meeting the Press” isn’t scary, if you are prepared and keep these few simple things in mind.   Press Conferences Beforehand: !  Memorize important messages to be repeated. !  Anticipate questions and prepare responses. !  Practice your speech in front of a mirror, so that you “see” what others will see. !  Perform a dry […]

It’s not just for twenty something’s looking for fun anymore.   Using free internet-based interactive conversations on MySpace and Facebook as marketing tools is a smart way to reach and share your business experiences and acuity with prospects. Interesting facts:   MySpace continues to be the largest online social network with over 187 million users, […]

Frustrated with the work ethic and skill level of job applicants?   IMPACT! your future workforce Sponsor a Career Workshop in a local high school.   IMPACT! Inc. created a 9-hour interactive workshop, complete with a 110+ page workbook, that brings the real world of work into the classroom.   In these award-winning Career Workshops, […]

One of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to “get your message to the people who will build your business” is by creating and scheduling Speaking Opportunities.   Sales letters, newsletters, brochures, and other written materials can be informative, but nothing gets people more interested in your business than listening to the one person […]

Testimonials from satisfied customers illustrate the value of your products and services. They are a very powerful component of an effective PR message and can build your credibility quickly!   They are easy to obtain. Contact your best clients and ask them if they would provide you with one.   If your client wants to […]