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Did you know . . . Your company’s name and/or message must be placed in front of your target audience at least 27 times in order to spur action?   IMPACT! Inc. can develop a comprehensive public relations plan that will get you noticed by your company’s specific market. Your company’s message and name will […]

 Journalists are utilizing social media to stay on top of news, to get leads and to build relationships not only with public relations professionals, but also with the community. It also enables companies to see if the discussion, content, and approach they are using on the internet are resonating with their target audience.   With […]

An integral part of a company’s Public Relations Plan is a well-thought-out Contributions Policy.    Once a company is recognized in the community as a contributor to a non-profit organization, others will make requests for funds.  A highly visible company could be inundated with these requests for money — far exceeding their ability to support. […]

Total giving to charitable organizations was $295 billion in 2006. Although the majority of that giving came from individuals, $246 billion, corporations donated almost $13 billion to charity. Foundations made up the remaining $36 billion.   There are more than 11,000 501(c)3 charities in South Carolina. Of these, 3,297 have budgets over $25,000, and their […]

Board members of non-profit organizations have serious, legal responsibilities that fall into two categories:   1. Set Policy.    With a proper policy & procedures manual (read & understood by all board members), much of the detailed running of the organization will be covered and thus, eliminating snap decisions, frustrating board bickering, and conflicting agendas. […]

One of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to “get your message to the people who will build your business” is by creating and scheduling Speaking Opportunities.   Sales letters, newsletters, brochures, and other written materials can be informative, but nothing gets people more interested in your business than listening to the one person […]

It’s all about PERCEPTION — and good PR.   How you and your company are perceived is just as important as name and logo recognition and that public perception IMPACTs your financial sheet!   An organized, proactive Community Relations Plan encourages employee and company involvement in the community, initiates strategies to receive public recognition, and […]

Testimonials from satisfied customers illustrate the value of your products and services. They are a very powerful component of an effective PR message and can build your credibility quickly!   They are easy to obtain. Contact your best clients and ask them if they would provide you with one.   If your client wants to […]

Building Trust from Referrals   A Small Business Administration survey found that over 60% of small business owners’ business comes from referrals.   This is not new news — ask anyone, and they will tell you that their best marketing tool is “word of mouth”.   A strategic, cost effective public relations strategy is “WOM […]

You know you need a Public Relations Plan to get your products and services in front of the people who need them. But how do you start?   First, you must know your audience; and the whole world is not your target market.   Shot gun tactics that pepper everyone dilutes your message, because it […]

The paradigm* has shifted. Business is not back to “as usual”. Change is EVERYWHERE!   Change presents opportunities for growth. Look for these opportunities in your PR/marketing audit of goals, objectives, tactics and results accomplished with your 2009 PR/marketing efforts.   Evaluate what worked;   Identify why it worked; and   Modify/improve each tactic.   […]