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        Join Our Email List   Name: Email:       For Email Marketing you can trust You cannot guess the way to success.   IMPACT! provides strategic processes for:     Business Marketing Assessments Understand your target market and your competition to get measurable results from your PR and Community Involvement […]

It’s the beginning of a new year . . . full of the promise of exciting work with new and old clients and customers, challenging projects, interesting alliances, and increased revenue.   We all know that we have to be organized by creating a outlined plan with written measurable SMART (specific, measurable, realistic, timely) goals. […]

As a small business owner, how much do you want to make this year?   $100,000.00?  This is a good target for a small, dedicated business who is savvy on how to run a solo business.   Let’s do the math…..$100,000/year =  $2,000/week = $400/day…. Doesn’t seem hard, does it?   If you work a […]

Before developing a public relations / marketing campaign plan or implementing its strategies, it is important to first understand the business’ position in the market, its culture, services, and the way it conducts itself in all aspects of doing business.    IMPACT! begins each client relationship by performing a modified SWOT Analysis.  For this analysis […]

How Strategic Alliances benefit your Business   Strategic Alliances can maximize a company’s or a solo entrepreneur’s position in the marketplace by: ∗ Connecting with new customers and prospects that they could not normally serve alone. ∗ Enhancing brand identity. Most small businesses benefit from partnerships that add value, prestige, and greater credibility to their […]

Determine your objectives. *  Is your goal to stimulate trial purchases by new customers or to stimulate more frequent purchases by current customers? *  Are you aiming to increase your average transaction, enhance your image, boost employee productivity or morale, stimulate community awareness, or a combination of these? *  You must prioritize your goals to […]

Stories give a Company personality   People like companies with personalities. Without a personality, companies become generic, boring, and blend into the background. Storytelling can become a powerful tool in creating a company’s personality.   Given a choice, do you gravitate toward entertaining people or dull people?   The same holds true for companies; so embrace […]

Corporate Stories can carry powerful messages.   Stories can change the way we think, act, and feel.   Leaders, especially, can use the power of a good story to influence and motivate their teams. Stories can inspire everything from understanding to action. They capture our imaginations and make things real in a way that cold, […]

So, you want to be your own boss, make your own money, and have your own business.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 70% of new businesses survive the first 2 years in business, but over 50% of small businesses fail within five years.     While it might appear easy to start a […]

    REGISTER TODAY! This is a fingers-on-the-keyboard workshop.  To gain the most benefit, please bring the following:  Don’t stress if you don’t have everything… we’ll teach you what you need in the workshop! *  Laptop with internet capabilities   *  Flash drive stick for sharing and obtaining information   *  *jpg, *tiff or *eps […]

What others think of your company can make or break it.   The reputation of a business is a highly intangible but critically influential factor in a company's ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in its markets.  Part of understanding the importance of reputation to a business lies in the recognition and value of its […]

Surviving in business is not simply a matter of being good in business. You need to follow rules that will directly affect how you are perceived by associates. Reputation is your foundation, and it affects how well clients, as well as other business owners, trust you.   In order to give a good first (and lasting) […]

    If your copy of your company's strategic plan doesn't have dog-eared pages and coffee stains by mid-year, you're not getting the most out of your plan.   The power of the plan is that it has the potential to engage people at every level of your organization in striving to meet company goals. […]

  Vision statements and mission statements are NOT one and the same.  Defining and creating clear vision, mission, and values statements will help maintain the focus and direction of your organization.   As time unfolds, it is critical to not only update these statements, but also communicate changes to your employees, so that everyone is […]

  Most business owners know they should prepare a strategic plan but seldom follow through because they are too busy working "in" their business (as opposed to “on” their business) or because they don't know how to prepare a strategic plan.   A strategic plan is a document that captures your thoughts, vision, and objectives […]

  A study sponsored by the Ford Foundation found that: * 23% of the population has no idea what they want from life; as a result, they don’t have much. * 67% of the population has a general idea of what they want, but they don’t have any plans for how to get it. * Only 10% of […]

Social Media We are all part of the Conversation, but does it bring us Business?   IMPACT! Inc., a PR marketing firm in the Charleston SC area, posed this question to its “Circle of Friends”. Some interesting Social Facts: Facebook boasts:  500 million friends on July 20, 2010.  People spend more than 50 billion minutes […]

Evaluation should be a proactive, forward-looking process of continuous systematic gathering of information used to plan future activities more effectively.   Effective evaluation strategies are developed at the onset of the communication process to identify potential problems, opportunities, needs, or omissions before implementing an expensive campaign.   Evaluation methods can be classified in two different […]

  Focus Groups are a significant marketing tool to measure customers’ attitudes on your products and services.   Benefits to Conducting Focus Groups:   Time Effective Focus Groups save time because you collect many views and opinions at one time.   Cost Effective Conducting focus groups saves money by testing  products, services and ideas before […]

Successful social media marketing isn’t about amassing thousands of followers, but precisely identifying the most influential members of your audience and recognizing them for their value.   By directly engaging one influencer with exclusive opportunities, special offers, and unique content, you are indirectly engaging thousands of other people who are part of this influencer’s social […]

Turning prospects into customers can be a big challenge to many business owners.    Here are some simple secrets that will help you “turn prospects into clients”.   Attract the right prospect to your funnel It is very easy to think that everyone is a prospect but the reality is that not everyone is right […]

We all want ‘em (Ideal Clients) . . .  But how do you find them? First, you have to identify their characteristics.    Go through your current client list and make a list of the ones that you enjoyed working with most and those who loved you, your products, and services.    Also list those clients […]

IMPACT! creates individual, customized marketing and public relations plans for clients based on information and research gleaned from specific, probing questions answered in a focused interview.   We have found this upfront information gathering to be the best use of our clients’ time because our quick learning curve avoids costly mistakes due to misinformation or […]

People buy Benefits, not Products   One of the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing materials is that they explain all the features of their products and services; and don’t spend enough time focusing on the benefits of those products and services.   People are emotional.  They buy because they want to know how […]

An integral part of a company’s Public Relations Plan is a well-thought-out Contributions Policy.    Once a company is recognized in the community as a contributor to a non-profit organization, others will make requests for funds.  A highly visible company could be inundated with these requests for money — far exceeding their ability to support. […]