OK, you have a good looking, professional website that explains in great detail what you do and who you are. So, why aren’t people calling you and buying your products and/or services?

Maybe because you haven’t developed a core marketing message . . .  the impelling words and strong call to action that will convince them that you have the answer to their problem(s).


Introducing Yourself

Your core marketing message should include your name, business name, and multiple ways of contacting you. 


You also want to include a brief summary (60 second summary) of what you accomplished/achieved for other clients. Talking too much about yourself can distract, and possibly push away, potential customers. They’re more interested in “what you can do for them.”


Identifying Problems

Make a list of the top  3-5 problems in your target market. Focus your core marketing message on how you solve those problems. People buy things, and they pay experts to solve their problems. Demonstrate how you are an expert.

Your message should invoke, “I feel/understand your pain/stress and I can fix that!”  or  “IMPACT! can help you grow your business in this down economy by teaching you to use low-cost, effective 21st technology venues and tools that attract clients and customers and compel them to buy from you.”


Offering Outcomes

It’s not enough to identify problems; your potential customers know they have problems. Most people, once they have indentified a problem, talk about solutions and processes. But people aren’t looking for methods, processes, or even solutions. 

They want outcomes.


* Identifying problems is how you get their attention.

* You need to tell them exactly why they need you.

* You have to be able to identify specific outcomes.

* Think: “What is the ideal outcome your potential customers are hoping for?”  You need to know what your potential clients want to get out of the situation, decide if you can provide it, and then offer it to them.


Creating your Message

Use this formula to formulate and articulate your core marketing message.


“I am _____. I work with _____ who have this problem_____.  I help them to _____.”


“I am Susan Mertz.  I own IMPACT! a public relations firm that assists companies and businesses in creating marketing messages that:

* States who they are;

* Identifies the problems they can solve for their customers and clients; and

* Helps evoke a clear vision for those clients what life looks like after their problem is solved.”




Make an IMPACT!

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