Masterful networking builds relationships and business. But how do you remain memorable after the event?


We all attend chamber, civic, service, and professional “networking” events.  We talk, we laugh, we  eat or drink . . . and we pass out business cards.


Everyone needs a business card. 


But what else can you pass out that will be memorable or useful for the people you meet?


Here are some suggestions:


1. A one page sheet of “Frequently Asked Questions” people should ask before they seek business in your industry or service area.  Include topics your prospects and clients need to know about to your product or service.


2. A Checklist of the top 5 -10 mistakes people make ____________ (fill in the blank, as it pertains to your service or industry).


3. A List of Resources pertinent to your business and are useful and will help others save time or money.


4. A Special Report on _____________  (fill in the blank with  whatever ‘hot buttons’ your target market has regarding your product and/or service).


5.  Educational Articles with links to resources (and your website) that your target market will find useful.


6. A Business Card CD with a prerecorded podcast of inside tips and free advice.


7. Promotional “Tools” . . . the list is as endless as your imagination.  Select something that is creative and has a “hook” into your service or product.  Be sure that it is something people will want to hold on to, keep handy, or pass on.  Take some time making your selection. If you do not, you will just end up ordering the same old pens – BORING!



Make an IMPACT!


Remember:  Always add your name, business name, phone number (or cell number), and website to all materials that you hand out.  If you have room — include your ‘tagline” or slogan.


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    I adore the commentary on this website, it really gives it that community sense!

  2. psvita says:

    I just added this webpage to my google reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!

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