Have you had a client or prospect back out on you?


Hear of some of the reasons I have heard from prospects and what I think they mean:


They simply may not be your ideal client. Admit it.

you knew it deep down inside, but you decided to take them on anyway just because you needed the money.


When you try to convince someone who isn't right for you in the first place to continue working with you, that is only going to create problems later.  It comes back to haunt you because a client who isn't your ideal client is just not going to get the right results. They won't refer others, and they'll just be an energy drain for you. So, Let that person lovingly go.


They just don't get the value.

You're probably talking too much about processes, rather than about the results that they'll get from working with you.


People don't buy processes. They buy results.


They claim that money is an issue.

This is usually an excuse hiding the real reason– and it's probably because they aren't convinced of the value that you'll bring.


A prospect who “doesn't have the money” but really, wants to work with you —  will try to find a way to find the money.


But, if the prospect who just backed out isn't scrambling to find a way to afford your services or your products, usually doesn’t see the value.  To get them back in the fold, you have to talk about the results that they really want.


They can’t make a decision to move forward.

This prospect might say, "I really want to work with you. Let's do it," and then goes back to the office and begins questioning their decision or asking one (or more) people if they made the right decision.


Always have all the decision makers in the room, when talking about the value you bring.  But I’ve found that “wishy-washy” people are NOT my ideal clients.


What reasons have your prospects (or clients) given you as a reason to “back out of the contract”?

How did you respond?



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