Stories give a Company personality


People like companies with personalities. Without a personality, companies become generic, boring, and blend into the background.

Storytelling can become a powerful tool in creating a company’s personality.


Given a choice, do you gravitate toward entertaining people or dull people?   The same holds true for companies; so embrace storytelling.


Every Company has a Story


Even with the best marketing strategies, weekly staff meetings, and written vision and mission statements; Don’t assume your customers or even your staff understand your company story.


Vision and mission statements are often meaningless to employees and customers. They can be viewed as just words, often too many and too obtuse, and without any context or meaning.


They don’t explain what the company is really all about, why someone would want to work there, or why someone would want to be a customer.


Background stories:

Answer the question:  Why did I start this company?  Why do I want to lead this company?


Speak from the heart, add emotion, and positive actions.



My Mother always told me, “Never put anything in writing you don’t want to show up on the front page of the NY Times the next day.” 

Mother was right.  Too often people act in haste without thinking of the consequences.  It takes months; if not years to build a credible reputation.  Do not lose yours over a mistake made in haste.


IMPACT! says, “Before you are front page news for the wrong reason, let us get you there for the right reasons.”  Your reputation is your most valuable asset.


We teach you how to proactively create a aura of goodwill and credibility around you and your company; and how to deal with a crisis or negative situation with grace and aplomb; and how to turn that situation in a positive experience.  




Customer based stories

Create your company’s benefits story around these questions:

  • What situation are your customers facing?
  • What impact is the situation having on their business?
  • What’s your solution?




(Situation) A manufacturing company is upgrading its plant and wants community support.

(Impact) Otherwise, community citizens could question the effects the construction will have on their quality of life.

(Solution)  IMPACT! develops a proactive community public relations plan to educate the community and to address their concerns.


You can also use this formula when briefing your boss:

Briefly describe the situation and its impact

Then summarize with your recommendations.










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