RESEARCH! Confirm basics through research before you spend valuable time on outreach  .


LISTEN! Identify your prospects and follow them socially to gather more contextual information. This intelligence-gathering matters tremendously to your eventual outreach outcomes.


Build your Social Media Team. Select:

* A community manager: The person responsible for keeping your audience engaged and the conversation relevant, and who oversees all responses and posts. This person should be an experienced communicator, strategic thinker, and understand the goals and objectives of the company. He/She should file weekly reports on community activities, including number of visitors to website and other pages, quote specific important remarks, track emerging trends, and provide recommendations for next steps in organization’s online strategy.


* A technical IT person: For the inevitable computer issues, and the ability to use all the monitoring devices necessary to download and upload data.


* A content manager: The person who researches, finds, and writes the useful information that will be shared. This content should be made interesting with graphics, photographs, tables, and other visual story elements. In a nutshell, they need to write good stuff that people want to read and that will reflect positively on the company.


Good rule of thumb, post:

  • something of interest everyday;
  • a blog every week; and
  • a meaty article or newsletter monthly.


MONITOR & MEASAURE! There are a number of analytical tools available on the internet at no/and low-cost. But which to chose? None are in themselves a perfect management tool, but in 2011, we might say, “multiple tools, that’s so 2010.”


Before you start to allow employees to interact on social media sites, it’s best to create a “Policies and Procedures Manual”

Part of a strong and sound Social Media PR/Marketing Plan is to create an official “Social Media Policy and Procedures Manual”, outlining what tools and services will be used, what messages will be disseminated and who will create them, who will respond to what category of comments and when, the time during the work day and after hours allowed for comments and on-line research, what can’t be said and when to bring in a supervisor/manager, as well as other important legal, ethical, and business concerns, and issues.


Should I hire an agency to handle my Social Media Marketing?


That depends. More than 50% of the survey respondents said they would not hire an outside agency to help them with their social media marketing.


How much time do you or your employees have to devote to crafting messages, dealing with comments, researching and consistently posting useful information, tracking responses, finding the right conversations and monitoring them, analyzing the results, evaluating the effectiveness of each venue, keeping up with the new social media tools and updates.


Does your company have the three positions listed above to devote to social media marketing? And can they carry out the duties outlined? Do you have staff who have the knowledge and understand the use and application of all the monitoring and analytical tools available?


Do you have the time and money to allow your staff (or yourself) to “experiment” when implementing a social media strategy?



 Make an IMPACT!  

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