Networking events are great visibility venues where clients and prospects can “get to know you better.” 


But what do you say when people ask you about your business?     

Your 60–Second Commercial.


Your “60-Second Commercial” is a way of organizing your attributes — and the benefits of working with you — so that you can inform someone about you and your products/services.   But before you start your “commercial” — ask the questions outlined in the “Importance of Networking” newsletter.


It is crucial to listen first. You can often tell in the first 2 minutes whether that person you might be a good prospect for you.  Also, by asking them for their information first, you can customize and tailor your benefits “commercial” to spark their interest.    


Keep your “Commercial” brief and to the point.  Be prepared to be interrupted.  People will ask you to elaborate on particular points they find interesting.  


Mention your “mission statement”. 

Outline a client’s success story.

Weave your background, work experience, special skills, education, and training into your commercial by focusing on these strengths as the significant benefits of working with you. 

 Close with a question.


REMEMBER:  Speak clearly and at a moderate pace.

A Final Word:    PRACTICE       PRACTICE      PRACTICE


Practice your Commercial out loud in front of a mirror. Watch your facial expressions and hand movements. Practicing helps avoid the dreaded  “aaah”, “like,” “um,” and “ya know”.


My 60-Second Commercial

“My name is Susan Mertz and I own IMPACT!, a PR firm. People often confuse public relations with marketing and advertising. And although we use marketing tools in our strategies, public relations is about creating, building, and managing relationships that get your messages to the right people who will be your ideal and profitable customers and clients.  We deliver these messages in meaningful ways that will spur action on their part to contact you!

My clients benefit from my scientific background as I craft and develop each campaign in a well thought-out logical and systematic approach. My undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry from Hood College, an all women’s college in Frederick, MD, taught me to base my plans and strategies on desired outcomes and to outline each strategy with precise goals and objectives and planned action tasks with doable deadlines.

 On the other side of the coin (or brain), my graduate training in Museum Education, primary object learning and curriculum development, and art history at George Washington University in Washington, DC, cultivated my creative side to provide my clients with design and “thinking out of the box” tactics.

As a former fund raising professional and museum director, I understand non-profit organizations and can direct and “link” my clients’ involvement in their communities with a keen eye for which organizations are best suited to their company’s philosophies and mission.  What PR strategies have worked for you?”


Or you can listen to it:   Susan_Commercial


Make an IMPACT!

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