It’s not just for twenty something’s looking for fun anymore.


Using free internet-based interactive conversations on MySpace and Facebook as marketing tools is a smart way to reach and share your business experiences and acuity with prospects. Interesting facts:


MySpace continues to be the largest online social network with over 187 million users, while Facebook registers 80 million (July 2008). MySpace is more popular on the West Coast with a younger audience, while Facebook is more popular on the East Coast. Hitwise intelligence study



MySpace is known mostly for purely social conversations but it can be formatted for business, if you keep your layout professional. Suggestions:
! “Headline”: Use a mind provoking question.
! “About Me”: Focus on the value your page will bring to the reader. Include video and pictures. Tell your (professional) story with a link to your website. (add opt-in box to collect viewer information).
Like to Meet”: List characteristics of ideal clients and links to your services.
! “Movies, Books, TV, General” sections: Keep it professional, but about you.


To make your MySpace profile visible, you must add “friends” — other people’s profiles to your MySpace page.


Another important strategy for visibility is to add a blog and update it frequently.


Facebook’s new Business Solutions tools make it very easy to create a page that focuses on your business. Facebook Business Solutions allows you to:
Design pages that relate to your business products and services.
Send updates regarding your products and services or industry.
Engage your users with videos, reviews, flash content, and photographs. Implementing these applications creates an interactive page that gives visitors a personable look into your business.

Poll and survey your viewers.
Create free and paid marketing opportunities.
!   Receive demographic information on who is viewing your ads and pages.


Facebook also enables your clients and prospects the ability to write recommendations and commentary regarding their experience with you and your business. Users can express their support by adding themselves as a fan, writing on your Wall, uploading photographs, and joining other fans in discussion groups.



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  1. susanmertz says:

    Wow! Another one for the archives! I wrote this in 2007 — times use are a-changing quickly!

    Anyone still have a MYSPACE page???

    We are all in the conversation . . . is Facebook, Twitter, etc, bringing you any business?

    See IMPACT! August 2010 Social Media Survey report. . . . .

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