We all want ‘em (Ideal Clients) . . .  But how do you find them?

First, you have to identify their characteristics. 


Go through your current client list and make a list of the ones that you enjoyed working with most and those who loved you, your products, and services. 


Also list those clients who were not the easiest ones to please, or whose projects took too long, were frustrating, etc.  You get the picture. . . you do know that you can fire clients (but that’s another article!)


Why is it important to find and market to only your ideal clients?


Being very targeted in your marketing efforts allows you to be clear in your marketing messages and puts your business in front of the right audience, which equals a higher ROI. Once you take the time to understand what is important to your ideal clients, you can craft specific solutions that will make them easily say, “This is for me!” and call you!


What are the similarities of those “fun”, “best”, “most profitable”, and “love you” clients?  Yes, I know that:  they paid you on time, were accessible, and easy to work with, but you have to dig deeper . . .


Simple Steps to identify your Ideal Clients


Step One: Identify specifics about your target market, using these important criteria:


!  Demographics: Age, gender, business location, etc


   Psychographics:  Values, lifestyle choices


   Position:  CEO, Sales Manager, Business Owner


   Industry: Legal, Healthcare, Service, etc.


   What problem do you solve?


   What will you do for them?


Step Two: Identify what you will do for your target market.  Answer:


What problem do you solve?


  What will you do for them?


Figure out what they need and why. Do surveys, hold focus groups, call several people in your target market and ask them the same questions so you can uncover the specific problems that you can address.


Step Three: Define your Process.


This is your methodology and how you serve your clients.


  Do you have a patented step-by-step program?


  A formula? Manageable solutions?


  What is your philosophy and why.


For example: 

 IMPACT! conducts a Business Marketing Assessments for its clients. 

This SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of a client’s business and its competitors allows IMPACT! to craft specific niche messages to an identified target audience.


 Click here to sign up to win a free Business Marketing Assessment.


Make an IMPACT!


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