“Meeting the Press” isn’t scary, if you are prepared and keep these few simple things in mind.


Press Conferences


!  Memorize important messages to be repeated.
Anticipate questions and prepare responses.
!  Practice your speech in front of a mirror, so that you “see” what others will see.
Perform a dry run using ALL equipment.
Create hand-out materials.


At Conference:

Arrive an hour early to check room layout.

Perform dry run of slides to ensure they are clearly focused and viewable by all.
!  Make sure mic is on and everyone can hear.
Stand erect and direct voice toward audience.
Speak loudly, slowly, and distinctly.
Establish eye contact (or appear to do so) with audience from time to time.
Stay within the allotted presentation time.
Remain friendly, cool-headed, and confident.
Answer questions succinctly and clearly.
!  Remember that you do not always have to know, or tell, everything. You can say “I will have to check that out for you–please see me after the meeting..”
Avoid allowing one person to dominate the questions.


Newspaper Interviews
Beforehand: (same as press conference tips, plus)

Ask for the questions they intend on asking.
Set a time limit in advance.


During the Interview:


Begin the interview by summarizing your major points in a quotable statement.
!  Try to maintain control of the interview. Don’t let reporter wear you down.
Don’t let your guard down, so that you say something you wish you hadn’t.
NEVER speak “off the record.”


Print reporters may repeat questions in different ways to gain information you may not want to give. Don’t answer inappropriate questions; simply say it is “not an appropriate topic for me to address at this time,” or “it’s proprietary” for example. Remember, the interview lasts as long as a reporter is speaking with you.


Preparing for Broadcast Interviews


! Prepare a “talking paper” on primary points you want to cover.
! Memorize important messages to be repeated.
! Anticipate questions and prepare responses.
! Practice answering questions in front of a mirror, so that you “see” what others will see.


! Know who will be interviewing you.
! Determine how much time is available.


! Ask for the questions they intend on asking.


Tips on Appearance:


! Avoid wide stripes, checks, or small patterns.


! Grey, brown, or blue suits or dresses are best.
! Grey, light-blue, off-white or pastel shirts are best.
! If makeup is offered, use it.


At the Interview:

Avoid these traps:


! Don’t fall for that “A or B” dilemma.
! Don’t accept “what if” questions.
! Don’t accept “laundry list” questions.
! Don’t go off the record.
! Don’t think you have to answer every question.
! Don’t speak for someone else.


What to do:
! Cover controversial areas ahead of time.
! Be specific. Be direct. Stay cool. Smile.
! Be enthusiastic, animated, and friendly.
! Listen more, talk less.
! If you don’t have the answer, admit it and move on.
! Talk “over ” lavaliere mike.


! Sit far back in the chair, back erect, but lean forward to appear enthusiastic.


! Use your hands. But remember: The camera will frame your face, so use high hand gestures.


! Keep your eyes on interviewer, not on the camera. Audiences often remember impressions, and not
necessarily the facts.



After the Interview
! Send a thank you note, but do not send gifts to reporters. It is considered unethical for them to accept them.


! Request a copy of the broadcast show tape.





Make an IMPACT!

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