IMPACT! creates individual, customized marketing and public relations plans for clients based on information and research gleaned from specific, probing questions answered in a focused interview.


We have found this upfront information gathering to be the best use of our clients’ time because our quick learning curve avoids costly mistakes due to misinformation or lack of correct information. 


Once this vital information is gathered,

IMPACT! focuses on what’s important  —

Getting YOU more business quicker and more efficiently and effectively,

which means less cost and more profit for YOU.


IMPACT!  plans are not cookie-cutter, boiler plate plans that anyone could use, without regard to whether or not they can get desired results. 


IMPACT! chooses specialized tactics and strategies for targeted prospects who exhibit the same characteristics as current and past ideal clients.


This process ensures that a large percentage of these specifically targeted prospects will also become your clients, saving you precious time and money chasing the wrong audience, with the wrong messages.


Strategic Planning usually begins with the creation of mission and vision statements, and an organization assessment often referred to as a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.



A SWOT analysis is a useful tool to help organizations develop well-thought-out strategies and tactics.  It’s meant to help reduce complex and overwhelming data into a manageable amount of key issues … so organizations can prioritize and focus their efforts where they’ll be most effective.


Strengths:  An organization’s positive aspects…what it does best. This list is generally focused internally and concentrates on the “now”. 


Weaknesses (Limitations): This is a list of concerns about an organization – what needs to be improved – e.g. culture, financing, employee demeanor, communication, and the like.   Here an organization’s “undiscussables” are often surfaced, allowing them to create and implement constructive fixes.


Opportunities:  These are external openings that allow an organization to be even more successful.  (Often we refer back to an organization’s strengths to see if they can serve as the catalyst for new opportunities).


Threats:  These are normally associated with an organization’s external environment – competitors, the economy, current events, trends, etc. (However, we also look inside an organization because their own weaknesses can become their worst threats). They include factors that may have a negative impact on an organization – the things that cause anxiety.




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