The purpose of news stories and press releases is to get your news in front of as many people as possible.  They should include data, interesting soundbites, keywords, quotes, pictures and videos, if possible.


Timing is Everything!


Best days:  Saturday & Sunday!  Then comes Monday and Friday.  I always thought that Mondays were too busy and Fridays, people took off early.  And I never sent things to press on the weekend!  WIth everyone on the Internet 24/7 — I guess people are checking things more often.


The best days to get the media to review your release:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


Worst day:  Wednesday!



What's important:

 Build links.

Free internet pressrooms don’t allow for links inside the story.  But you can put your website and email address in the Contact area.  They help journalists check information.  All information you want journalists to know about your company is in one place.. attach external documents, including presentations and research documents.


Links to videos and embed pictures in the press releases increase engagement by about 18% for photos and 55% for videos.   These additions are free in the internet pressrooms, but if you are doing a big product or service launch — the $60 is by far an inexpensive price to pay for the exposure.



Woo the Media


Build relationships with specific media instead of sending out hundreds of emails with press releases to journalists you may not even know.  You might get better results then simply posting onto the wire.



 Press releases alone don't help your SEO.


Because press releases are syndicated for a certain amount of time, and taken down at some point, their temporary status online does not generally increases SEO  . . . Which is why they should “live forever on your own website.



Press releases don't improve your communication with consumers.


Consumers like to read information in a way that is easy to digest, i.e. blog posts. The press release format takes longer to read,  readers want to be able to quickly understand the story by reading it through a blog post or another form of writing.




Instead of promoting your press release through social channels or email, promote your blog post to achieve the same effect of the press release and get your audience the information in the announcement.



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