Entrepreneurs are lousy at taking care of themselves.

On a scale from 1-5:  5 being this is the MOST like you. . . . rate the following statements:


I routinely work long hours.

I often beat myself up for not doing enough or not doing it well enough.

I believe that I am the only person who could possibly do "it" right.

I feel guilty spending time relaxing when there's so much work to do.

I spend my day worrying about what I have missed or what I "should have" done.


If you rated yourself a 17 or higher . . . . .you might not be “nurturing yourself.” 


The problem is that when you don't take care of yourself there is nobody to take care of your business.  When you take care of yourself, your body and brain will work better, and you'll enjoy what you're doing.


Nurture yourself, your business will grow.


How to do this?


1. Schedule mini vacations. It could be a three-day weekend, or just a random day off once or twice a month. It doesn't have to be expensive and you don't have to go anywhere. Simply think about things you haven't done in a while that you've been meaning or wanting to do. Go for a walk in a park. Sit on the beach for a day. Wander through a new store in town. Read a book simply for pleasure. Go to a movie or try a new restaurant.


2. Spend time with friends. . . . the friends that nurture you, not those that you really "should" get together with but those with whom you "want" to get together.


3. Nourish your body. Get enough sleep, eat foods that nourish, and get exercise. The better you take care of your engine the better it will work. I took a “personal day”  the first Wednesday of every month and treated myself to a pedicure, manicure, facial, and massage . . pure bliss!


4. Take a one-hour break every day. Step away from your work physically and stop thinking about it. Take the time to laugh, make yourself a nice lunch, go for a walk, read a book chapter, chill out and leave work behind.


5. Give yourself permission to play. Playtime is creative time. When you let yourself play and don't worry about perfectionism the fun will come back. You will find yourself excited and motivated to do the work you love.


6.  It’s OK to delegate . . . but if you scored over 22 on my quiz, you have my permission to review, edit, and revamp, if necessary!



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