Social Media is no longer a novelty, an option to try out.  It should be an integral part of business to interact with consumers.   If you are not participating in social media conversations, you are falling behind your competitors.


Are you wondering why chatting about the weather or the latest trending topic on Twitter is important to your business?   Here’s why:  Customer Service.


The advantage a local, old-fashioned shop has over conglomerates is really getting to know your clients.  Knowing your clients creates loyalty and attachment to the business. 


This knowledge comes from personal customer service;  Having a little pre-sale chat when they come into the shop, remembering something personal about them and bringing it into the conversation.  When buying on-line, people miss interaction.


They want more real people interaction and less automated robot answers. Ever say, “I want to talk to a REAL person, not an automated press 1 for . . . “   Consumers want to speak and write to real people.


Social Media as a Marketing Strategy.


Social media is just another venue to get your company’s message to its constituents; another communication channel. 


The language used for social media communications is shorter, more to the point, and directs the reader to a website where they can read and learn more.


Which brings up the importance of an interactive website. 


All PR/marketing professionals know the value of an educational website . . . but websites chock full of useful information that are static and unchanging, except for the monthly or quarterly addition, are dinosaurs! 


Websites need to be interactive, allowing for more interaction between the owner of the website and the website visitors. 


Websites need to be updated almost daily with free content, ideas, links, articles, videos, etc.


In a seminar that I attended this month (August 2010) I overheard a tactic as, “Oh, that’s so 2009.”   Things we did in 2009 are outdated!


Is social media marketing for every company? 


That depends on your marketing strategy objectives, your ideal clients, your products and services, how much you plan to invest in the tactic, and what you feel comfortable implementing .  . . the same questions you ask before starting any marketing tactic.




Make an IMPACT!

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