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You cannot guess the way to success.


IMPACT! provides strategic processes for:  


Business Marketing Assessments

Understand your target market and your competition to get measurable results from your PR and Community Involvement campaigns.  



Obtain the knowledge to make informed decisions before spending money on PR campaigns.  


  • Learn how to better IMPACT! your clients.  


  • Monitor outcomes in a pro-active, continuous systematic process to more effectively plan future PR tactics.  


  • Execute and enjoy successful stress-free meetings, retreats, groundbreakings, career/job fairs, parties, and other gatherings.    


  • Increase employee morale and your Public Repuation with a proactive, effective Community Involvementt Plan.



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“Susan Mertz of IMPACT! has assisted SCS Engineers with strategic planning strategies that enhanced our marketing, presentation, and communications approach to existing and potential clients. Her tactics allowed us to successfully target, cultivate, and obtain business from major manufacturers, opening our services to a new industry and expanding our client base in existing markets.



We have also used Susan to write communication pieces sent to clients, colleagues, and prospects. Her chemistry background allows her to understand and effectively summarize and write technical and other documents pertinent to our industry.


Her ideas work. I recommend IMPACT! strategy sessions and public relations services to any company who desires to increase their client base and to enhance their image and reputation.”                                                                      Nina Marshtein, SCS Engineers










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