One of the most effective ways to promote your business is by telling your story. People just love to know how you got started, what you do, and how you do it.


Sometimes people simply want the bare bones 10 seconds version.

Other times they have questions and want to know in detail about other parts of your story.


Tell your story on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest —  That's the ONLY reason those famous sites exist — to encourage people to tell their stories.


Tips to make your story a powerful marketing tool:


Develop a one line version of your story.

Sometimes called your elevator speech. Tell it in 30 seconds and 30 words.


Watch for part of your elevator speech to catch the attention of your listener.

They will latch on to one thing you said and want to know more. That is YOUR opportunity to go into detail. Tell your listener as much as they want to know. Give them your business card!


Develop a one paragraph version of your story.

This version has more detail and is the one you will tell when a reporter calls or emails to interview you.


What’s your story?  Write it the 3 versions, then practice — never be shy about telling your story. People love them!

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