Successful social media marketing isn’t about amassing thousands of followers, but precisely identifying the most influential members of your audience and recognizing them for their value.


By directly engaging one influencer with exclusive opportunities, special offers, and unique content, you are indirectly engaging thousands of other people who are part of this influencer’s social sphere.


Approximately 1% of a site’s audience generates 20% of  its traffic through sharing of the brand’s content or site links with others.


These “influencers” can directly influence 30% or more of overall end actions on brand websites by recommending the brand’s site, products or promotions to friends.     (study by Meteor Solutions)


Influencers or evangelists can be past and current clients, colleagues, friends, family, co-workers, and even people you don’t know.  The process to identify them is basically the same as identifying your Ideal Clients. 


To discover who they are, seek out where they “hang out” on social media sites, blogs, forums, and websites; uncover what platforms are they using; what are they saying, and sharing about you.  Identify methods they use to share your content (e-mail, social updates, tweets, etc.).


Listen and observe conversations and use social media analytics platforms to track what they are saying about you, your company, and brand.


Uncover what motivates them. 


Most people share links with friends and their wider social network because it makes them feel important, special, and useful. They respond most positively to the attention and recognition they get from sharing useful content and valuable information with others.



Make an IMPACT!

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  2. this was a very entertaining read. i enjoyed it very much!

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