Do you remember the last handwritten note you received?


Even more, do you remember the last handwritten note you sent?


With our technologically enhanced communications & email and voicemail, it is just so convenient to email people, or to leave one way voice messages for them, isn’t it?


I’d like to challenge you to think of why a handwritten note can actually mean more today, than it might have before the advent of email and voicemail.


This is the key for you to have more IMPACT!. 


By writing a handwritten note, you’re doing something many others aren’t doing!  You’re adding a personal touch in a world that is becoming technologically impersonal.


You’re saying, “I care” in a very simple way.


What to write about?  Just about anything. 


!  Congratulations for a job well done.


!  Best wishes for a promotion.


!  Good luck on a new venture.


Thanks for a helping hand.


!  Appreciation for extra effort.


Pride in a child’s accomplishment.


Recognition for your spouse’s support.


!  Thanks for being my friend. . . thanks for being my client!




The biggest challenge about writing handwritten notes is simply just getting to it.  It really doesn’t take much more time, and a first class stamp could be one of the most inexpensive yet treasured gifts you can give.


Get Started:


!  Invest in some stationary to use for this purpose.  Something with your name or monogram can have a nice touch.


A less expensive alternative is to purchase some  tasteful postcards.


!  Buy a roll of stamps.


!  Keep all of these in a place that is easy to reach.


!  Then, just remember to pull them out when you want to share a “gift” with someone else.



People really appreciate and enjoy them. The biggest challenge is to “get to it!”


Remember that every handwritten note you send will help you energize those around you, and maybe even make their day.


Handwritten notes ARE gifts. 



Make an IMPACT!


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