Negative feedback can be the best way for a business to discover perceived deficiencies in its customer service.


Tip #1:  Do not ignore the negative feedback. Potential customers will read both positive and negative reviews. If they see a customer complaint, they want to see that the company actively attempts to satisfy unhappy patrons.


Tip #2:  Remain positive and sincere. Defensiveness in a response is unprofessional, and angry, biting comments from the management of a business will reflect poorly upon the character and business ethics of the company.


Tip #3:  Respond promptly, and with the aim of rectifying the situation. A business with customer reviews on its website should read the reviews on a daily basis, so that the response can repair a damaged customer relationship before the client takes his business elsewhere. The response should also be from someone in the company who has the authority to make immediate decisions that can remedy the problem.


Tip #4:  Make a visible effort to resolve the issues raised. Resolving the complaint privately will perhaps bring a client back, but if there is a negative peer review online for all to see, it is also vital to let other potential customers see how far the company will go to satisfy their needs.


Tip #5:  Ask for a follow-up review. If a company responds positively and respectfully to a negative review, and is able to satisfy the disgruntled customer, it is prudent to try to get the now-happy client to submit a follow-up review. If other potential clients can see that the reviewer's needs have been met and he or she will continue to do business there, the initial negativity can actually act as a boost to business.


Tip #6:  Customers will happily share positive experiences; but they are not as likely to leave a positive review as a negative one without some prompting. A company with a comprehensive review strategy will send out customer surveys and regularly request follow-up comments from satisfied customers via email or website comment areas. With these reminders and requests for positive feedback, a company's good reviews will outweigh negative ones with potential customers.



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