“Giveaways” can be inexpensive marketing tools, so distribute them liberally at networking events and other sales opportunities; as well as to people who “opt in” in response to your request to build your email/contact list. 


More expensive promotional giveaways can also be used as corporate gifts for holidays, as a way of saying “thank you”.


In order to get the most out of any free giveaway, you must be clear on your target audience and your objective(s) for this effective marketing tactic. 


Who is your audience/target?

You need to be very clear about who your free-giveaway is aimed at in order to ensure that the content, distribution and promotion of it are reaching the people you’ve intended.


Most free products are aimed at getting more people in your target group; or you may create a special product for a smaller portion (niche) of your main target group. 


Reasons to use free giveaways as part of your marketing strategy include, to: 

!   Obtain contact information on targeted prospects;


!   Build your credibility;


!    Attract traffic to your web site;


!    Gain new clients;


!    Get more publicity;


!    Distribute at speaking/networking opportunities;


!   Establish yourself as a recognized expert in your field; and


!    Allow people to sample your writing style, philosophy,  and the quality of your work before they purchase your products/services.


When selecting your giveaway, consider:


Its Visual Longevity

Consider a practical gift that will be kept in constant view of its recipient. 


A pen is a typical inexpensive gift.  A clock with your logo and phone number, placed on your recipient’s desk will be on view long after the gift is received.  When you compare the view per person per pound of your advertising dollar, it’s easy to see which gift is the better investment.


Think creatively and keep your prospects behavior in mind, not just the price.


Its Practical Use

Most promotional items are useful in one way or another. For example, when the recipient uses your ice scraper he will be reminded of who gave it when he sees your logo, and will be grateful. When was the last time you were grateful to a paper ad?


Can it be money saving?

Giving a business gift that will actually save the recipient money is always a winner. Simple products such as pens, bottled water, sticky notes, etc. save the recipient from buying their own.


Bottom line:  Will it promote client retention?

Business gifts generate loyalty and make your clients/prospects aware of your brand. If you have a choice to make between two suppliers who are quoting the same prices, the chances are you will choose the company who has looked after you best and, “top of their mind” because you gave them a promotional gift.



Make an IMPACT!


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