It’s all about PERCEPTION — and good PR.


How you and your company are perceived is just as important as name and logo recognition and that public perception IMPACTs your financial sheet!


An organized, proactive Community Relations Plan encourages employee and company involvement in the community, initiates strategies to receive public recognition, and provides opportunities to increase your visibility, build your credibility, and create a strong likeability quotient.


Strategies that create a positive public image:


Linking up with local education systems increases your company image in the community and makes a valuable IMPACT! on future voters and decision makers.


Providing opportunities for employee recognition demonstrate their leadership and decision-making acuity to the community.


Publicly highlighting company involvement and contributions will brand a positive image of you and your company to your colleagues, customers, clients, and the general public as a responsible industry citizen that provides the community with benefits and services that touch and enrich the lives of all citizens.


Showcasing employee achievements will publicly reward employees for their contributions to the company and to the community. It also puts recognized faces in the community in place of an unknown entity and associates positive actions with your company name.


How to get Started


  Identify your company and personnel strengths.
!   What organizations are you already involved with?
!   What are you comfortable doing?
!   What are the limitations of the site or employees?


A comprehensive public relations plan will get you noticed by your company’s specific market.  Using this plan will ensure that your company’s message and name will be strategically placed in front of your target audience in the most effective media venues to achieve optimum exposure and maximum credibility, recognized authority and IMPACT!


Do Well by Doing Good

Customers want to do business with people who care about them and their community. An excellent marketing strategy is to publicly support ventures and projects that help your target market and make a difference.


The key to community involvement is finding nonprofit and other community service groups that overlap your target market.


Be recognized as a Responsible Corporate Citizen

Link your company to your Community —— Gain more recognition for non-profit & community service organizations that you, your company and employees support with stories and photographs in local newspapers.


It’s a win-win situation. You are acknowledged as being a caring citizen and the organization you support is also in the forefront of the public eye.


Are you being inundated with requests for donations? 


Read “Charitable Giving” & “Contributions Policies” to assist you in deciding which organizations to support and align with your company’s time and talents.



Make an IMPACT!


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