Successful Surveys . . . . .  Effective Evaluations


Customers stay where they are appreciated & where they can form lasting relationships.


IMPACT! facilitates surveys and evaluations and compiles results in comprehensive reports that allow you to better tailor your services and products to meet the individualized expectations of your target audience.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, your company must understand what your target market is thinking in order to retain or obtain them as long-term, satisfied customers. 


Conducting surveys can be difficult in today’s “multi-sensory, multi-task, too-much-information, too-much-to-accomplish” workday.  Customers are pressed for time and are becoming desensitized to even the best efforts to get their opinions.


IMPACT! can tailor customer service evaluations, market studies and surveys to obtain the information you need to:  Understand how to better IMPACT! your customers.


Let  IMPACT! conduct your …

Product Surveys

Market Studies

Focus Group Studies

Customer Service Evaluations



Who is most likely to use your product?

Who is using it now?

How do they like it?

When are customers most likely to buy or use your service?

What can you learn from your competition?


Whether it’s personal one-on-one interviews, group discussions, written data evaluations or telephone surveys . . . Let IMPACT! get answers to the questions that matter.


Make an IMPACT!


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  1. Lolita Skoff says:

    I genuinely like this innovative angle that you have on the subject. Certainly wasn’t planning on this at the time I begun searching for tips. Your ideas was totally simple to get. Im glad to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it exactly what its is talking about.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. You describe this topic very well. It is imperative to develop a rich understanding of the consumer. Explaining that knowledge into strategic recommendations for all aspects of advertising and qualitative marketing research is also imperative to the consumer. It is important to be dedicated to knowing both client and target consumers through qualitative marketing research consultancy.

  3. Anika Kalsow says:

    great post! i’m bookmarking this!

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