Testimonials from satisfied customers illustrate the value of your products and services. They are a very powerful component of an effective PR message and can build your credibility quickly!


They are easy to obtain. Contact your best clients and ask them if they would provide you with one.


If your client wants to write his own testimonial — Great!


But clients don't always know how to put their feelings concisely into a powerful statement.


You can make it easy for them by “interviewing” them on the phone, or emailing them a short questionnaire of 3-4 questions that focuses their thoughts, and then writing the testimonial yourself.


Clients often appreciate this as it saves them time.


In questioning, be very specific and benefits oriented. Ask them what they feel is the most important benefit they receive working with you. Some samples of questions:


How did working with [my company] directly benefit your [client’s] success?
Describe the most outstanding strategy/trait that gave you the best result you were seeking?
!  Was [my company]: Easy to work with? Accessible? A Team player? “Went that extra mile”? Great with employees/vendors/customers?


Remember: Write the testimonial from the client’s perspective and really rave about how great you and your services are, and the dramatic results.


Be shameless and boastful!!
You want to provoke a critical emotional connection, causing the reader to want you to work with them so they get the same outstanding results.


The testimonial, while about the past client, should address the wants and needs of the prospect!


Always allow your client to review his/her testimonial and sign a consent form before you use it. This consent form can be a simple statement that says:


“I understand that my testimonial and name may appear in any marketing or promotional materials created by IMPACT!. I also understand that I will not receive any compensation for its use as stated and I waive my right to inspect or approve any finished product wherein my testimonial appears.”


Give credit to your clients’ words, but you need not print their entire name. Of course, a prominent name gives even greater credibility. Some examples:


“Thanks for the coverage — people say they have seen our firm’s name all over the place – great job!” Dana T, Charleston, SC.


“You have added a great deal of professionalism to the TWIB program this year.” Jim Friar, Director Dorchester County Economic Development Dept.


Use testimonials in all your PR strategies. Add them to brochures, ads, and sales letters. On the web use audio and video formats so people can see and hear how great you are!




Make an IMPACT!


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