My Mother always told me that my reputation was like a mirror . . . it should reflect goodness, honesty, and integrity; and it only took one dumb action to crack it.  And you know what happens when you break a mirror – seven years bad luck.


Your reputation is  your most valuable asset.


Managing your reputation used to be easy.  In the old days (before 2007), you were able to control your own reputation and success; and if something went awry, you could handle it professionally and quietly; and only a few people might hear about it.


Public Relations tactics have long been centered on maintaining a positive image for you and your company to your community and with your customers, clients, and colleagues.


Today, the internet and social media has drastically chanced that!


With the advent of social conversations, you and your company are being talked about; and you not only need to know what they are saying, but must proactively and kindly enter into the conversation.


Do you have a Reputation Management Plan?


Are you incorporating effective monitoring  of your on-line and off-line reputation?


Please take IMPACT!’s survey and tell us what you are doing to monitor your Reputation.



Make an IMPACT!






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